Shortly after establishing its top of the line manufacturing facility in Namibia , STAR RAYS gets its first sight holding at Windhoek Namibia

STAR RAYS establishes another fully owned subsidiary in Windhoek (Namibia) as STAR RAYS Diamonds Namibia (Pty) Ltd.

YOU CARE is our initiative at STAR RAYS to make our valued clients part of a collective journey towards sustainability.

STAR RAYS completes 40 years .

STAR RAYS becomes the First Indian Diamond Company to measure its carbon footprint and publicly announces its commitment to head towards carbon-neutrality.

STAR RAYS establishes a fully owned subsidiary, STAR RAYS Diamonds Botswana (Pty) Ltd which manufactures diamonds in a fully equipped, state-of-the-art factory in Gaborone, Botswana.STAR RAYS Botswana is a De Beers Sightholder.

We Launch our upgrade version in Mobile Application with better features and easy to access for our customers. The Application is available on App Store/Play Store for download.

STAR RAYS adds one more retail location of its jewellery arm- STAR JEWELLERY at the prime retail market of C G Crossroads in Ahmedabad. The new store offers a serene buying experience with the introduction of a BRIDAL LOUNGE SECTION.

STAR RAYS opens an office in the Pearl of the orient- Hong Kong. STAR RAYS Diamond HK Ltd offers our existing customers a convenient location in Tsim Sha Tsui and jump starts our plan to serve the entire Far East market and open new channels of distribution into Mainland China, Singapore, Vietnam and Thailand.

APRIL STAR RAYS achieves the most coveted status of De Beers sight holder and joins the ranks of the leading diamond manufacturers of the world. the opportunity to get rough first hand from the world leading mining company adds new synergies to our product offerings for the benefit of our customers.

STAR RAYS inaugurates a revamped website with a new fresh look and the most awaited feature of 360degree HD video and Clear HD picture that reveal the grade setting inclusions easily in pictures and helps customers while enhancing the online buying experience.

STAR RAYS Makes the Big move from the Opera House diamond District to the new sprawling complex of Bharat Diamond Bourse at Bandra Kurla Complex. Our new office at DW-2031 brings Management, Marketing, Stock, accounting under one roof and offers greater comfort and access to our visiting international customers.

STAR RAYS Announces its first retail jewellery showroom by venturing its outlet in surat City where the new store offers a serene buying experience with the introduction of a BRIDAL LOUNGE SECTION and B2C for 2012.

An anticipated increase in the e- commerce business leads us to offer greater transparency to our online buying customers. We achieved this by adding more attributes to SGS or STAR RAYS Grading System and making them available online on our website along with pictures of diamonds.

STAR RAYS was among the few companies that introduced a Real Time Mobile App for Blackberry and I –phone users that allowed them to buy diamonds on their smart phones instantly without having to use a laptop or desktop.

STAR RAYS achieved 3 years of continuous topline growth to the tune of 47% while adding 220 new customers in 11 countries where we had not done business before. Continuous improvements in manufacturing and sourcing helped us provide a superior make in our diamonds which led to heightened business activity.

Increased diamond inquiries from a diverse inventory required use of a new age technology which allowed easy management of diamond parcels. STAR RAYS adopts the use of the most forward technology of RFID- Radio Frequency Identification Tabs in Inventory management at both the factory and the sales office.

The entry of the younger generation brought new dynamism and fresh ideas to STAR RAYS. Realizing that E-commerce would be the way forward, we launched our inventory online at www.starrays.com with user friendly features.

STAR RAYS extends it marketing reach and becomes truly global by making its presence in the worlds largest consumer market in North America by floating a wholly owned Subsidiary - Star Solitaire Inc - New York.

STAR RAYS believes that application of newest technology and overhaul of manufacturing system was key to operational excellence and delivering value in diamonds. We consolidated all manufacturing under one roof in our new, 45000 square feet factory at Surat.

Marked the most crucial year as we migrated from small melee goods to production and marketing of solitaires. The strategy of moving into the Category of Light Brown solitaires helped us solidify our position in the highly commoditized diamond market.

Marked our foray into the international market with an informal marketing arrangement to extend our reach in Europe. We also ventured into retail jewellery sales by floating “Star Jewellery” in the diamond city of SURAT that marked our B2C presence.

We expanded to a new premise in the strategically important PRASAD CHAMBERS that became our main marketing base in Mumbai. We started reaping the benefits of a exposure to a bigger and robust trading community.

In a bid to enhance production and have greater control over quality of our finished products,, we bought our first manufacturing unit measuring 6500 square feet in Surat.

STAR RAYS grew bigger as Rameshbhai D Shah and Jitendra D Shah joined the early founders Rajendrabhai D Shah and Dilipbhai B Mehta to fuel the growing demand and expanding business.

With an eye on cultivating international contacts and export oriented clients, 1984 marked our entry to Bombay which was the largest trading hub. We established our first sales and marketing office in Bombay and began our upward journey.

STAR RAYS was conceived on a hand shake between Rajendrabhai D Shah and Dilipbhai B Mehta on basis of mutual trust and a shared passion to excel in the diamond business. The trust has only grown and continues to benefit forthcoming generations.





2015-2016. Certificate of Merit received from The " Gem & Jewellery Export Promotional Council '' (GJEPC) from the Government of India for overall Excellence in Category of Cut & Polished Diamond (Large). Jitendra Kumar D. Shah from STAR RAYS, Mumbai receiving the award from the Chief Minister of Maharashtra (Mr Devendra Fadnavis)


2009-2010. Certificate of merit received from The "Gem & Jewelry Export Promotional Council " (GJEPC) from Government of India for Export Performance in Cut and Polish Diamonds in Non –DTC Category. Rajendra D Shah of STAR RAYS, Surat receiving a trophy from Narendra Modi, Chief Minister of Gujarat.


2010-2011. Certificate of merit received from The "Gem & Jewelry Export Promotional Council " (GJEPC) from Government of India for Export Performance in Cut and Polish Diamonds in Non –DTC Category. Jitendra D Shah of STAR RAYS, Mumbai receiving trophy from Union minister of State for Civil Aviation Praful Patel, Prof. K. V. Thomas Union Minister of State for Agriculture, Consumer Affairs, Food & Public Distribution, Vardha Shine CEO DTC and Rajiv Jain Chairman (GJEPC).


2008-2009. Certificate of merit received from The "Gem & Jewelry Export Promotional Council " (GJEPC) from Government of India for Export Performance in Cut and Polish Diamonds in Non –DTC Category. Dilip Mehta Of STAR RAYS, Mumbai receiving the trophy From Anand Sharma, Union Minister Of Commerce & Industry and Ashok Gehlot, Chief Minister Of Rajasthan.





Discover Contraire diamonds - a personification of the modern woman. Crafted to replicate two sides of her personality, bold and tough on the outside but with a soft heart inside. Every Contraire diamond is a celebration of the modern woman's dual charisma that makes her rare, that makes her Contraire.


Each diamond exudes the brilliance of Belgian craftsmanship. It is the rarest of the rare, only 1% of the world's diamonds qualify to be Contraire diamonds. Crafted with extraordinary precision by master-craftsmen trained in Antwerp, each diamond is a distinctive symbol of luxury, beauty and ultimate brilliance.


Contraire diamonds come with a mark of authenticity and traceability. Each diamond is inscribed with a unique identification number that serves as a promise that the diamond is natural, untreated, ethically mined and responsibly sourced. The identification number helps trace the origins and journey of each diamond online, through a dedicated portal.



Each Contraire diamond is carefully certified and examined by world-renowned Gemological Labs to assure the highest levels of quality and brilliance.


Every Contraire Diamond is cut to ideal proportions, perfectly symmetrical and polished to perfection to dazzle the world with its ultimate light performance.


Marketing tools include an elegant box, a bag, a brochure that enhances brand identity and an innovative display unit at retail levels.


Social-Staff Welfare

Our people are the most important link for the continual success of us and our customers. Human values form the most integral part of our system, where every employee irrespective of his position in the company is respected and well rewarded for his hard work and expertise.


Health Benefits

  • Centrally air-conditioned factory building
  • Well lighted and ventilated work areas
  • Adequate sanitary facilities
  • In-house canteen providing hygienic lunch in a spacious dining area
  • Regular medical check-up of canteen staff and training ensured
  • First Aid Training imparted to a large number of employees
  • All Statutory Benefits related to the health of the employees and their families as per legal norms

Safety Measures

  • Automated fire detection and prevention system
  • Public Announcement system to guide in an emergency
  • Comprehensive surveillance system with an extensive array of CCTV
  • Designated emergency exits
  • Stringent controls on the use of flammable and/or hazardous materials
  • Statutory building and employee safety norms fully complied with
  • Regular Fire Drills conducted
  • Adequate safety gear provided to designated personnel
  • Full-time Safety Officer appointed and Safety Committee constituted to address Safety and Environmental issues.


Our Business

With this thought being percolated down to the last employee, we have over the years, built up features that have exceeded the expectations of our customers. Some of the major advantages that we offer are:

Online Stock

Another unique advantage is our Online Stock viewing facility, allowing customers to view and order goods from the comfort of their homes or offices.


Consistent Quality

We aim to keep a close watch on product quality and maintaining consistency of the same, we manufacture all our diamonds at the manufacturing facility in Surat and Gaborone. Additionally, the unique 'Multiple Stage Checking System' ensures that each diamond is checked multiple times before being sold.

Market Led Manufacturing

Our unique Market Led Flexible Manufacturing System enables us to be in close touch with the latest trends and demand patterns prevailing in the market. As a result, any fluctuation in demand is immediately factored into the production system and the product mix changes accordingly. This not only allows us to efficiently manage inventory but also makes available products as per market trends ultimately enabling our customers to minimize their inventories as well.


Our 'Single Diamond per Packet' concept is a unique method of maintaining each diamond in its own self-descriptive individual packet, with all the grading details provided by the STAR RAYS Grading System. , printed on it. This unique concept not only enhances our efficiency but also reduces customers' hassles of sorting through multiple parcels containing multiple diamonds to select desired stones. Customers can select stones simply by reading the accurate description of each diamond on its packet.

Round the Clock Service

Time zone differences have never stopped us from serving our customers. Orders with relevant specifications can be sent in through e-mail and are expedited immediately on the following working day.

This allows customers to minimize or even eliminate travelling as well as the tedious formalities of the goods selection process.


  • Extensively detailed grading allows reality-based, fixed and logical price derivation of each diamond
  • On account of our unique business policies, methodologies and systems, frequently occurring fluctuations or changes in rough prices do not directly influence our pricing.
  • Apart from this stability, justifiably explaining price differences of similar diamonds to your customers further is ensured.
  • Even if some retailers have limited knowledge about diamonds, they can buy our goods with complete confidence because we state all the parameters of the diamond and provide detailed information about every diamond.


Star Rays is a Sightholder, offering you enhanced consistency, reliability of supply, and assurance in the authenticity and integrity of your diamonds.

Star Rays has declared that it complies with the De Beers Best Practice Principles.


Star Rays has declared that it complies with the De Beers Best Practice Principles.




Community welfare has been one of the core beliefs of our founding partners. Under their guidance, we have embarked on various initiatives through which we fund and support the school in Pilucha and Dabhad villages (near Palanpur, Gujarat). We also support Traffic and Safety awareness programs in Surat initiated by the Surat Police and conduct charity for the poor through food camps. We have set up a large school in a remote village of Pilucha taluka, Vadagam, Gujarat, to provide access to education for villagers. With the quality of education provided, the school has achieved excellent results in the secondary state board examinations, which is a matter of pride to us.




STAR RAYS – Established in 1980 as a family owned enterprise based on strong values, honesty and transparency in business and focus on customer satisfaction.





We are committed to developing a world-class range of diamond, products and services to fully meet the requirements of the international clientele.


Online Inventory

With STAR RAYS powerful online web tools and easy to use the application, customers have the access, to search, match and buy the best solitaires for their needs at the most competitive and transparent prices in real-time.


To support our customers worldwide, our online platform starrays.com provides 24x7 access to all our stock and inventory in real-time. Global support through our offshore offices in New York and Hong Kong.


Equipped with state-of-the-art machines with the latest technology and manned by a highly skilled and experienced workforce of more than 500 people, this factory is one of the most modern and skilled facilities producing some 60,000+ solitaires every year with over 85% production of Ex.Ex.Ex. quality diamonds.


As a progressing manufacturer, we never stop evolving from traditional to special cut diamonds to make each piece stand out, therefore we keep creating unique masterpieces.


STAR RAYS Gemological Standards (SGS), provides a high level of detail, grading up to 14 parameters — including 5 that are exclusive to STAR RAYS. This enhances customer trust and provides greater value.


Local facilitation at Mumbai for our global customers to make them feel at home.


All products are sold with complete digital assets such as HD Images, 360 degree HD Videos, Hearts & Arrows image and Asset image, to help our customers serve their clients better.

Dedicated Key Account Manager

Dedicated Key Account Manager for every customer helps us cater to our client’s need more effectively and efficiently.







SIZE 0.30 ct to 5.00 ct and above
CUT Over 85% of diamonds having Ex. Ex. Ex. Cut Grade
We produce exquisite, high quality solitaires in a variety of shapes. STAR RAYS is also reputed to be one of the biggest manufacturers of Flawless (FL) solitaires in India.



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